Perfectly normal sexual feelings


First off I wanted to say sorry for the loss of your husband I hope that I to will find someone to love for 50 years. I havebeen reading the Alice series since I was 9 in the third grade beginning with the prequals I am now 16. I adore your books.I find Alice to be a long time friend and  that I can relate to the her as a person. I have cried and laughed with her. I have never been able to connect with a book like these. I was curious to know were do get your inspiration from do the chapters just come from exsperience or the clear blue sky? I think you convey a teenage girls life to the T. I have been reading the other posts and I think that you handle teen sex perfectly. You show how real and perfectly normal to have those fealings are .They don’t understand that just because us teens have these fealings doesn’t mean we should shun them away like the white elephant in the room. You are my absolute favorite author and eventhough I don’t personally know you I wanted to say I love you and you work.. thanks for writing : )

Phyllis replied:

Thank you for your email.  Another thing some people don’t understand is that just because we talk about sexual feelings doesn’t mean that teenagers are going to go right out and do something dangerously sexual.  Most of our fantasies, in fact, are things that would never happen, nor would we really do them if we had the chance.  The human race depends on males and females being sexually attracted to each other, just as hunger keeps a human eating, and therefore alive.  We are sexual for a reason, and we can’t just announce a couple married and then expect all the feelings to begin.  It’s knowing how to deal with our sexuality responsibly that occupies some of Alice’s life and those of her friends.

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