Loved the Idea of the Cruise Ship

My sister and I finished Alice on Board! We both couldn’t put it down
and wouldn’t be bothered until we finished. Is the next one the last
one? So hard to believe. I feel like they’re friends I’ve grown up
with! I always thought working on a cruise ship would be so much
fun…. now I’m not as sure, hahah. Especially after that huge
disaster with that Italian ship not too long ago, too! Crazy. I loved
your whole idea for that, what a fun setting to put the girls in.
We both liked Mitch. Are you hinting that this is the end for
Alice and Patrick? Guess we’ll have to wait and see. Waiting for the
next one is the hard part.


Phyllis replied:

I’m so glad you enjoyed “Alice on Board”.  A LOT happens in the last book, which will now come out in the fall of next year, not the spring.  It will be a much longer book.



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