Absolutely Loved Every Single Book

I’ve been reading the Alice Series since I was in the third grade.  I just turned twenty two and came across the series again with the high school years bundled together.  I’ve spent the last month reading and catching up on all of Alices high school experiences and her summer before college in Alice on Board.  I absolutely loved every single book and I feel like I’ve grown up with Alice, Elizabeth, and Pamela.  I’m sad and a bit nervous about not being able to read about Alices college years the same way.  I know how much I’ve learned, experienced, and grown in my college experience and I like how in some way or another I can still relate to any one of the girls, but mainly Alice.  I know I became spoiled this summer with reading book after book, and now learning I have to wait a year for the final book that sums everything up is going to torture me until it’s release date.  I know it will be a book I buy at midnight on my e-reader and wont put it down until it’s finished and I know how it all ends after all these years.  I know this must be a book you’ve been thinking about for years.  It can’t be easy ending such a long and loved series but I trust you will give Alice the goodbye she deserves.  I hope one day I have a daughter and have the opportunity to share the Alice Series with her and she falls in love with the sereis as I did years ago.
Thank you for writing a series so relateable and truthful of growing up!
*Fingers crossed for Alice and Patrick!!*
Phyllis replied:
Yes, this last book is a book I’ve been thinking about for years, that has been revised, edited, added to, subtracted from, and who knows how long it will be by the time it reaches my editor in about a month.  It will be hard for me to say goodbye to Alice when the time comes, but she’ll be in good hands.

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