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I have been reading the Alice series for about four years, and I absolutely love the books. Some of my other favorite books are: 

40 Things I Want To Tell You (Alice Kulpers)
Delirium (Lauren Oliver)
The Juvie Three (Gordon Korman)
Anything But Normal (Melody Carlson)
Speak (Laurie Halse Anderson)
Just Like That (Marsha Qualey)
The Chosen One (Carol Lynch Williams)
Hold Still (NIna Lacour)
North of Beautiful (Justina Chen Headley)
Birthday Blues (Anne Cassidy)
Some of my favourite authors are:
-Sarah Dessen (Her books focus on the life’s of teenagers. I would suggest reading her books in order from when they were written because some of the characters reappear in other books although it is not a series. Her first book was my least favourite, but they do get better.)
-Lurlene McDaniel (Her books are mainly about terminal illnesses, and can be sad at times. I have read almost all of her books and have loved them. Some of her best books are: Don’t Die My Love, Hit and Run, and Letting Go of Lisa. All of her series are very good)

I hope you like some of these books as much as I did. 

Phyllis replied:

Thanks for your suggestions.  These may help other readers looking for good books to while away the summer days.

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