Can’t Believe It’s Over

Hey!(: I’ve read all of Alice’s high school experiences and absolutely fell in love! I skimmed through the books so fast, and i just finished Alice On Board and I’m so sad. After I finished I had so many questions and wanted to know her life in college. I really hope you can write more with her college experiences and her after life. Maybe she will marry Patrick and have kids and travel the world with him, or maybe she and Mitch will catch up again.. I really want to know what she will do next, I’m so happy for her but at the same time, my heart aches because I can’t believe it’s really over. You’re hands down one of my favorite authors, you’re so talented and I love your books! (: I really do hope you write more, because they help me get through school and I want to learn about college experiences and how it feels to have a roommate. Thank you again for writing the amazing series, and I really hope you do write more of the Alice series because so many people love them like I do, thank you again.
Phyllis replied:
Hey!  It’s NOT over.  There’s a big fat final book coming out next year, “Always Alice,” that will be at least 500 pages, I think.  I’m still working on it, and the publisher has now scheduled it for fall of 2013, not spring.  It will answer all your questions, whether the way you want things to turn out or not, but I think that most readers will be happy for Alice.  And yes, it also deals with college roommates.

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