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I know you get emails like this all the time, but I just had to express my gratitude and appreciation towards the Alice series. I am going into my junior year of high school, and I started reading the books 3 years ago, I have read every book, and now have even started my younger, sister on reading them. You have done something that no other author could do. J.K Rowling, brought magic to make her book series interesting, Stephenie Meyer created mystical characters. But you created an ordinary very relate able character, and put her in an ordinary and again relate able environment, and have found a way to keep 27 books interesting, unique and entertaining! Though you are no longer a teenager, you still have been able to give Alice very relate able and teenagerish experiences I and as i’m sure you know many other teenage girls, really appreciate what you have done, and are all sad to see the Alice series near the end. I think you are an incredible author, and I am amazed by the work you have done with the Alice series. So to sum up everything, Thank You so much, for your time and dedication to Alice, for 28 years. 

Phyllis replied:

Thank you so much.  It’s comments like yours that have kept the series going.  I hope you will be especially satisfied with the final book coming out in the fall of 2012, “Always Alice.”

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