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Greetings from Germany


16 years old. When I started to read the
Alice books (my best friend had recommended them to me), Alice was a bit
younger than I was. But with every book she got older and was at my age
and then even older than me. Sadly, the series goes only up to the 14th
book in Germany so I had to stop reading them. But I got a lot better in
English and was able to read English books as well as German ones, so
last week I finally ordered I Like Him, He Likes Her, It’s Not Like I
Planned It This Way and Please Don’t Be True and after 5 days I’m
halfway through the second one 😀 I just can’t stop reading because,
actually, Alice is the character I can most identify with of all the
books I have read so far (and that’s a lot!). When I got the three books
I felt like I was meeting an old friend I hadn’t seen in a longer time
and I think if Alice was real, she’d be my best friend 🙂

Phyllis replied:

I’m glad you found those books, because they cover Alice’s years in high school, and the one containing her senior year will be out next year.  Each of the books within those large paperbacks was first published in hard cover, and the publisher waits for a while after’s it’s published before it’s included in one of those large 3-books-in-one.

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