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First off, I’d like to send my condolences for the loss of your husband. Just looking at those pictures on your website made me feel like I knew him, and had lost something. He looked like a really nice guy, and of course I’m sure he was. Anyway, what I was writing to you for was a question… but I’d like to say I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Alice Books!!!!!!! I have five questions: 1) what is VD? I read it in a Judy Blume book, but didn’t know what it meant. 2) Have you ever used that vaginal foam? What was it like to put it in personally? 3) I read a book about censorship… do you have trouble with angry people who think your books are too dirty? 4) Can you have sex with your own relative, and still get pregnant? And finally, 5) Is Alice On Board already out? I can’t find it in my library… 
I hope you can answer my questions! I feel very close to Alice, especially since I’m almost exactly like her. I have auburn hair, skin that burns, and my mother died when I was five. I have a brother, but he’s younger. I’ve been thinking about all these questions I’ve asked you for a long time, and feel like I just HAVE to have them answered. I’ve had to grow up without a mother, but I’m glad I had Alice. 
Thanks so very much for writing those great books!
Phyllis replied:
Thank you for writing to me.  I’m glad, too, that you’ve had Alice.  To answer your questions, I imagine VD in Judy Blume’s books refers to “venereal disease.”  To find out about vaginal foam or vaginal cream, read the next Alice book, “Always Alice,” coming out in the fall of 2013.   Regarding people who object to sex in my books, I don’t have trouble with them; I’m afraid they have trouble accepting its use in the Alice stories; Yes,if  you have sex with a relative,you can become pregnant, just as you would with a non-relative; the problem is that if you do, the baby has a greater chance to be born with various disorders brought on by your mutual recessive genes;  and yes, “Alice On Board” is now in the bookstores.  If you can’t find it in yours, you can ask them to special-order it for you–the same with your library. 

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