Always Alice


First of all I just want to say I love your books! I fell in love when my teacher read aloud The Agony of Alice to the girls in my class in fourth grade. I’ve read them all through the years and I just finished Alice on Board. The year when Always Alice comes out I will be a senior in High School, I look back and think wow time flew by so fast. I’d like  to think Alice and I grew up together:) Anyway my question is when Always Alice comes out I want my copy autographed, will there be an opportunity for that, like maybe through a book plate? Thank you for writing the series. 
Phyllis replied:
Yes.  You can always send me a bookplate or a label and make sure you tell me your name, or to whom you want it autographed, and your return address.  I’ll be happy to mail it back.  Send to me at 401 Russell Avenue, Apt. 713, Gaithersburg, MD 20877.  Always Alice will be out in the FALL of 2013, not the spring.

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