Do I NEED to read the previous books?

Hello! I have a quick question for you. I have never read the “Alice Series” before. But, recently I purchased “I Like Him, He Likes Her” from a bookstore not knowing there were A LOT of books before it in the series. I just assumed that it started at her freshman year, but now I know otherwise. Anyways, I was wondering if you thought I could start at that book and still understand the story? Or is there important things in the past books that I NEED to know to understand this book? Thank you so much for your time, and I am really excited to start reading!
Phyllis replied:
You do not NEED to read the previous books to understand this one, but the whole background of Alice’s life will make the current book more interesting.  It helps, for example, to know that her mother died when she was very young, that she was raised by her father, with a little help from her older brother Lester, and all the different things that happened to her.  But go ahead and read I LIKE HIM, HE LIKES HER, and when you get a chance, enjoy all the others.

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