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I am a huuge fan of your Alice books, I started reading them when I was around 12 and now wait for the best part of the year when a new one comes out! I’m really excited for Always Alice and I really love how it’s going to be about heaps of Alice’s life! 
I was just wondering because I was going through the list of Alice books in order and I remember reading a book called Alice, Woman of the House but it isn’t on the list? I’m really confused haha, was it renamed or something?
Anyway, thank you so much for writing the books – I feel like I’ve grown up with her because my last year of high school is next year, and I’m so excited to read what ends up happening to Alice!
A big fan all the way in New Zealand!
Phyllis replied:
I believe that  “Alice, Woman of the House,” was really the British edition of “Alice in April.”  For some reason, publishers of foreign rights sometimes feel that they will have higher sales of a book if they change the title, and that’s what happened here. Sometimes they even change the main character’s name.  That’s what happened in my witch books.  I think the German publisher changed the main character’s name from Lynn to Holly.  I think you will like the last Alice book, “Always Alice,” which will come out not next spring, but next fall.  The publisher wants to do a big send-off, since it will be the end of the series. 

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