My Sister

Its been a long time since I’ve written to you, and something happened that I thought I could share with you.
Last summer I started reading the alice books to my sister who is now 10 years old. She really enjoyed them (I read her the prequels) but she is a slow reader and i never expected her to continue it on her own. Last fall I moved into a friends house because of problems at home, but I stayed in touch with her. I was disappointed that I couldn’t continue to read the books with her and talk about the things that come up like puberty or sex.
A few weeks ago I was talking to her on the phone and she mentioned something from an Alice book, the one where Pamela meets the older man on the train. I asked her how many of the books she read and she told me that she read all the ones in her elementary school library. She went on to tell me her favorite parts of each book, like when mark put potato salad in Pam’s swimsuit bottoms or when Alice learned how to swim, and I felt such a great connection to her even though she and I had been apart. She is moving with the rest of my family to California, and I stopped by that day with all my Alice books to give to her. She has always kept to herself, and I was so glad she had found a friend just like I had when I was her age. She has gotten better at reading too and reads other books frequently. Thank you so much for all the girls hearts that you have touched, you are truly amazing!


Phyllis replied:

What a wonderful story!  I’m so touched that the Alice books have strengthened the connection between you two sisters.  I’m forwarding your email to my editor.  Thank you so much for writing.


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