Does she die?


I am a great fan and have liked your Alice blog too. I truly feel that I can relate to Alice herself. I want you to know that you are a great inspiration and help when i write even though my stories 99% always ten to come out as a fantasy themed book. There is something I’d like to know, when I read that Always Alice ends at Alice being sixty years old, does that really mean that she’s going to die at sixty? If it does I’ll be so sad… I guess it’ll be spoiler alert if  you tell, but I was just curious. What I’d also like to know is if Always Alice is going to be HUGE. Because all the other books were already somewhat thick and they weren’t even one year. I have troucouble finding the alice books in the bookstores because all I end up finding is alice on board or the three books in one. Oh well; My bookshelves are already a tight squeeze. I’ll probably buy Always Alice when it comes out in paperbaack though. My parents won’t let me buy hardcovers often. I see why…

Anyway, do you know if Alice is going to read her letter from seventh grade when they made the time capsle in Always Alice? I would find that pretty cool becasue that happened a long time ago and Alice has aged a lot since then. Imean, she’s going to college now! I have ‘liked’ your wordpress blog but can’t put a comment. I guess that’s why you have this email address.
Where do you get your ideas for all the crazy and embarassing things that happen to Alice? Are they based on real life? If I wrote a book based on the crazy things that happened to me you’ll probably be lauhing into next week!
Do you tend to notice things that other people don’t? I have a habit for doing that but my teacher seems to be okay with it…
Phyllis replied:
I don’t mind telling you that she does not die in the final Alice book, and yes, she reads the letter she wrote to her 60 year-old self.  SO much happens in that final book, that it keeps getting longer and longer, and I’m about to send in my second revision.  I think that all writers probably make a habit of noticing things that others may not notice or think significant, or perhaps it’s just an inborn trait.  If we didn’t have a good eye and a good ear, we wouldn’t have so much to write about.

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