Well I’ve read Alice Alone, Simply Alice, and Patiently Alice separately since I had to find them from libraries because I don’t think I could buy some of them. I have way too many books already on my shelf so I’m thinking of selling maybe some of my books. But if I ever did buy any Alice books at all I know I would never ever sell them(: I just think that they’re wayyy too important too me. I’ve already read all the books from “Starting with Alice” to “Alice on her Way”, now I am looking forward to see “Dangerously Alice”. Cant wait! My friend Irma usually let me borrow her copies of the Alice books. When I reccomended them to her and my other best friend Lily, they both loved them(: I even read “Starting with Alice” and “Alice in Blunderland” with my younger sister who just LOVED them. She thought they were hilarious and very realistic. She and I just looooved the part of her talking with Lester, soo cute. You are the only author I can recall the actually made me laugh and cry in the same book. Your books are inspiring to girls everywhere. It can be ALWAYS related to since you know what Alice said in “Outrageously Alice” to Patrick, “Embarrassments become a part of us [girls].” Haha that was just soo true(:
Phyllis replied:
Yes, and they seem to just go on and on.  I will probably never be at the age at which embarrassments stop.  But I  think we remember our own better than we remember the ones that happen to other people.  I’m delighted that you and your younger sister could enjoy the Alice books together.  Thanks for writing.

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