Alice on the Outside


    I love your Alice books!
They are the best series ever ! I am in the 7th grade right now and have to do an independent reading project and I am doing my report on Alice on the Outside !
     I already finished it and it is a great book:) I love the ending with the note from Patrick!
     The most interesting chapter to me,though, was chpt 4 with CRW. I thought that was the best idea for Alice’s school to do ! Where did you get that idea ? I was thinking about brining it up to my next student council meeting or my deans and principle. I don’t think prejudice is as big of deal as it might have been back in the 60-70’s, but its still out there. Kids should still be aware of it. Right ?
Do you have any information that might help me ? I would truly appreciate it 🙂
     Thanks again for writing the Alice books ! You truly inspire me .

Phyllis replied:

CRW (Consciousness Raising Week) was not original with me, I’m sure–at least the theme of it–but the best way I know how to get pe0ple to put themselves in someone else’s shoes is to make them a minority group for a change.  Have them shunned or teased or bullied just because their hair is blond or their eyes are green or they are shorter than five feet tall.  It is just as ridiculous and cruel to tease or bully someone who is handicapped or gay or a different skin color than you are, and that was the whole idea.  Think of the things that get kids discriminated against in your school–weight or sexual identity or religion–and then announce in homeroom that all those wearing a certain brand name loafer will not be allowed to use the west staircase that day, and all those whose last names end in N have to eat at the back table in the cafeteria.   Just an idea.  I’m glad you like the Alice series.  Thanks for writing.

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