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I read that you go to book signings and I’m wondering if thats only in the USA or if thats other places too. I’d like to know, just to get an idea because none of my favourtie authors have ever come to my city(as far as I know) to sign books.Oh yeah, and also, I see that the first few books were several years apart for when they were puublished. When you published the first book, did you know that you were going to want to have a series based on Alice, or was it after awhile of thinking?

Phyllis replied:

I wasn’t doing any speaking for a while following a back operation last year, but I’m beginning to go out again, and my publisher plans a book tour for me next fall when the last Alice book comes out.  I don’t know which or how many cities I’ll be visiting, but I will definitely post–many times–my schedule once I know.  Yes, there are several years between the first two Alice books that I wrote–“The Agony of Alice” and “Alice in Rapture, Sort Of.”  That’s because I didn’t know when I wrote the first one that it would become a series.  It wasn’t until the letters started coming in asking for more, and reviewers said things like, “Alice’s many fans will await her further adventures,” that I said, “Huh?” and started thinking about writing more.  The three prequels came later.

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