Homosexual Love


In Alice on the Outside, when Liz says that homosexual feelings themselves are not a sin, but acting on those feelings is sinful, Alice quips something like, “Isn’t that like saying it’s not a sin to be hungry, but it’s a sin to eat?”  I’ve always wondered:  Did you make that up, or did you hear it somewhere?  Either way, I love it.

Phyllis replied:
That’s my own expression, but I’m sure the thought is not original.  There are many people who disagree with the “love the homosexual but hate the sin,” or the attitude that since God made us all the way we are, it’s not a sin to be a homosexual as long as you don’t make love to a man (or a woman, if you’re lesbian).  Which makes me want to ask what kind of God would create homosexuals and then sentence them to a loveless life?

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