An Alice Movie?

I just want to say that I truly love all your series books of Alice! I can really relate myself through what Alice goes through and I actually finished reading Intensely Alice just today.. made me cry and really broke my heart to find out that —— had passed away. I wanted to ask a question if there’s going to be a movie or series based on the Alice books! I think it would be really awesome and I would be extremely ecstatic to know! I know that there’s a movie Alice Upside Down based on Alice in Agony, but I didn’t really like it much since it didn’t really follow well with the book. But nevertheless, I would extremely enjoy watching a series or movie based on Alice’s high school experience! Huge fan since I was in 5th-6th grade back in ’03 🙂

Phyllis replied:


Phyllis replied:

I wish there would be a good movie too, but so far, the producers have not made any mention of one, and they

hold the movie rights.

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