Feeling a Bit Sad

Reading them makes me so, so happy.
I love Alice so much, and her story is so 
interesting. I have read every Alice book and 
am super excited for Always Alice!!
I wish I could have friends like
Pamela and Elizabeth, who were my neighbors
and I could tell them anything.
Your books seem so real and realistic!
I wonder is Alice and Patrick will 
stay together! I hope so, but I also
don’t think that would be very realistic.
I am 12, and for the past month or so I 
have been feeling sad, and I have been 
a little bit depressed. I talk to my parents a
lot and I read the Alice books and I feel better.
The Alice books are so comforting and interesting, 
thank you so much for writing them!!!!!
Phyllis replied:
It’s wonderful to hear that the Alice books are comforting to you.  Being age twelve may have something with your feeling sad at times, as your body is going through a whole bunch of hormonal changes.  I wonder if you can pinpoint things that might bring the sadness on–thoughts or worries, perhaps.  The fact that you can talk with your parents a lot is great.   A great many things happen to Alice in the final book–good things and sad things and surprising things, and she discovers stuff about herself that helps her grow and deal with whatever life sends her.

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