Why Do We Have to Wait?


Hi, I just wanted to say that love your Alice books so much! I always tell my friends about them and try to get more people to read them. I have a couple questions:
1. Do you know what the cover looks like for Always Alice?
2. I heard that Always Alice is coming out in 2013, I was just wondering why it has to wait a whole year before it gets published? I’m not trying to be rushy or anything, I was just wondering.
3. Is there going to be another movie based off the books made?

I didn’t really enjoy reading very much before I read the Alice series, so I wanted to thank you do much for writing them! They have really opened my mind to reading, they even had me staying up late because I couldn’t put the books down. I have read almost all of them (all except patiently Alice and of course, always Alice) on a course of one year since I found them. Alice is kind of a role model for me. I know a lot of people say this, but she seems so real, like a best friend to myself.

Phyllis replied:

1:  Yes, I’ve seen the cover of “Always Alice,” but we’re still tinkering with it.

2.  It takes a long time to get a manuscript ready for publication.  This book is at least twice as long as the other Alice books, and there is SO much for the copy-editor to check.  Everything that has gone on before, since Alice was eight, provides Alice’s history, so there is always that much more to refer to and check in each new book.  Also, we’re giving the reader something special at the end of the series–more about this later–and that has to be in good shape as well.

3.  I’ve not heard anything from any producers about making this book into a movie.  All the characters would have to go from their present ages to age 60, and that’s asking a lot. 

I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the Alice books so much.  Thanks for letting me know.


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