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Elizabeth’s earrings


love the Alice books so so so much!!

They are the best books ever! Thank you so so much for writing them! I am 12 years old and I have read every Alice book.  I am so excited for Always Alice!!
I wonder what will happen to Alice and all of her friends! And lester and Patrick and people like that.
I have one question: In The Agony of Alice it says Elizabeth got her ears pierced so she could where earrings with her gypsy costume (” Elizabeth even ha her ears pierced so she could wear some hoop earrings). And in one of the other books (maybe All But Alice?) Elizabeth’s refusal to get her ears pierced is a plot point. Please Explain. 
Oh, and if you HAD to choose, which is your favorite Alice book? I love all of them especially Alice In Between, Incredibly Alice, Simply Alice. Intensely Alice  I love them all so much!!
Thank you thank you thank you for writing!!
Phyllis replied:
I know, I know.  That isn’t the only mistake in the Alice series.  If you look closely, you’ll see that Alice has three different birth dates in various books, not to mention all the other things that slipped by.  To celebrate the series, and my fans’ careful observations, we are going to put all this online after the final book is published next year.  You’ll be able to go to the Alice website and click on something that will give you about 100 pages of every detail of every Alice book. You’ll be able to read summaries of each book, details of each character’s features, bedroom, birthday parties, love life, gifts received and given, teachers, courses, every fact you’ve ever wanted to know or had forgotten about.  Enjoy, enjoy!

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