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Hey, I’m writing in regard to a letter from a reader you posted in the Fan Mail section of your blog on October 29, 2012… the one who says only two of the books are translated into German? Not so! My daughter is reading them in German (she loves them) and we have four of them, published by the Schatzinsel imprint of Fischer Verlag… they seem to have published quite a few of them! Some may be out of print, but they are mostly available on You should let your German-speaking fans know, in particular your correspondent of the 29th.

Aha, further searching indicates that they are now published by Loewe Verlag (the Schatzinsel ones must be older):

regards, and thanks for the books

Phyllis replied:

Thanks for this information.  I’m sure it will be helpful to many readers.  Sometimes another publisher will do a

translation of the Alice books up until the stories start dealing with sexual matters and more sophisticated material, and

then they stop publishing the series.  I haven’t kept track of just how many books are translated into German, but the best way to  get more is to write the German publisher, and request it.

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