Always Alice


Hi, i am a really big fan i love your books and i am really exited for always alice. I heard that you were going to put something on your website after always alice comes out. With an explanation of every book, bio of every person, of like there dates, crushes. I wanted to know if you were also going to put that into book form an publish that. I would really enjoy that if you were willing to, but do you think you could? Also i was wondering what all you can tell me about always alice. Thanks for writing my favourite series, and keeping them going this long. (: its much appreciated by me, and I’m sure many other fans.(:

Phyllis replied:

I had first suggested to my editor that we publish all the Alice data in book form and sell it, but she feels it would be better to offer it free, and let you download it from the Internet.  I don’t know yet what we’re calling these 100 pages or so of information about Alice, but we’ll think of something.  As for telling you about “Always Alice,” there’s nothing more I want to say in advance except that it follows Alice from her first year of college to age 60, with everything that happens in between to both her and her friends and family.



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