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I have written to you a couple times before. I love Alice so much! I think of her as my best friend. I don’t get why grow ups think if you see someone else do something were going to go right out and do it, I love how you brought that up in one of the Alice books. I’m only in the sixth grade but I have read all the Alice books. I’m sure I’m going to make the mistakes she made. I hope to be just like her Alice is a great role model. Thank you so much for Alice because if you hadn’t been here and written Alice for all of us to enjoy idk what I would do. I love writing actually. Do you think if I email you one of my story’s you could read it and maybe give me some advice? I love making a difference in our world. I love to help people to.


Phyllis replied:

I so wish I could read all the stories that readers want to send to me, but truly, it’s all I can do to keep up with this website, as well as the business side of my writing, and of course the writing itself.  I recommend that you enter as many writing contests as possible, so that you can get feedback from others.  Write essays and stories for school, for the school newspaper, for magazines that accept stories from readers, and just for fun.  And see if your library can’t organize a critique group of students like yourself who could meet regularly and read their stories to each other for feedback.  Best of luck!


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