The last of the series

I have been reading the Alice series for many years. I just turned 19, and I picked up ‘I like him, he likes her’ off my shelf yet again. I cannot get over how much I love this series. I still connect with Alice even after all these years. I am so sad that you are releasing the final book of the series because I could read about Alice forever. 
I was wondering if this final book is going to be long. It seems like it has to be a pretty decent length as you are putting forty years of her life into one book. I would sit there and not put the book down until I finished it, even if it was as long as the Harry Potter books (haha). So, though I am sad that the series is ending, I cannot wait to read the final book.
I also was wondering if you are going to sell a book of her senior year as one (like you have with the other high school years). I would really appreciate if you did produce this book. I have the other three years of high school already 🙂
I just wanted to say, that you are a very talented writer. I will forever cherish the Alice series. And I hope when I have a daughter someday, I can pass these books onto her so she can enjoy them as much as I have (and will continue to do, no matter how old I get!). Thank you so much for creating this series. 
Phyllis replied:
Yes, the final Alice book–coming out next fall–Always Alice–will be twice as long as the usual Alice book.  And there will be a bind-up of the three books of her senior year, though I’m not sure yet of the title.  They are thinking about “You and Me, and the Space Between,” or something like that.  And the cover will be the same as the cover of “Alice On Board.”  (Now THAT should be confusing).  But the cover of the final book in the series, Always Alice, will be a new one.  Stay tuned.  I’m delighted that you enjoy the series so much!

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