Why is Alice so thin?


How does Alice stay so thin? Throughout the series, there were few instances where she actually exercised or played a sport. She didn’t even play during recess. If she’s average, why is her metabolism so high? Also, she eats so much junk food in the books. Also, who is the model on the covers of the alice books?

Phyllis replied:

I don’t think I ever described Alice as thin.  The art department comes up with a photo and model or a painting that it feels is appropriate, but Alice has always seemed to have an average weight to me.  I had friends who ate more than I did in high school but always weighed less, and seemed no more active.  Metabolism is very much an individual thing.  I don’t know the names of any of the models who were chosen for the book; that’s not something the art department gives out.  Sorry.


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