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I found a few of your Alice books in the library when I was in sixth grade, after my teacher had read us Shiloh in class. I remember how excited I was to find out that the Alice books were part of series, and how I begged my parents to buy me the books for my Christmas gift. I began taking the books with me to school and sharing them with my friends. Soon, all of my Alice books were circulating around the classroom, being passed from girl to girl. Nearly everyone was reading and sharing the stories of a normal girl growing up with her two best friends and her dad and brother. I’m 23 now and my two best friends from grade school and I still eagerly await the release of the new Alice book every summer. Just like when we were in sixth grade, the new books gets passed around from friend to friend. From reading your books, the characters you have created, Alice, Liz, Pamela, Gwen and Patrick, I feel as if I know them and have grown up, just like I have with my two best grade school friends. I want to thank you for your books which have given my two friends and I the chance to create an informal book club that has spanned our adolescence and into our young adulthood.

Phyllis replied:

I love the idea of have an informal book club in which books are passed from friend to friend.  It’s wonderful to know what a long life each book is given.  Thanks so much for writing to me!

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