“The Talk”


Recently, my friends and I were talking about when our parents had “the talk” with us; most of my friends had horror stories of awkward conversations and uncomfortable questions- but I couldn’t remember ever having anything drastic sprung on me or having any misconceptions about my body. I recently realized that you’re the reason for that. I probably read my first Alice book when I was seven or eight (I just turned 20), and some of the scenes stick in my mind as really, really instrumental in my having a well-adjusted life and good self-esteem. For example, when Alice and friends go to that convention of all women, where they’re shown that all their bodies are normal- it’s a scene I thought back on all the time when I was “developing” and could have been developing self-esteem issues. Basically, for me, the Alice books were are a collection of healthy attitudes towards sex and sexuality, bodies, school and growing up in general, and they instilled healthy attitudes towards these things in me, and for this I cannot thank you enough. Any and all kids I have will definitely have these books available to them.

Phyllis replied:

I’ve been having trouble with my website, so please forgive the long delay in getting back to you.  It was wonderful to get your email and to know how much the Alice books have helped you.  You’ve made my day.  I’m going to forward your letter to my editor, and I know she’ll be grateful for it too.

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