What are the Next Books in the Alice Series?


Are there any more Alice books that will come out before the last book?

Phyllis replied:

Yes, yes, yes!  Here’s the answer.  Please write down the titles and dates and share them with  your friends.

YOU AND ME AND THE SPACE IN BETWEEN will be released on May 14th of this year.  This is the fat paperback bind-up book, containing the three books of Alice’s senior year of high school:  Alice in Charge, Incredibly Alice, and Alice on Board.  For $9.99, you get all three books.  Here’s the confusing part:  the cover of this fat paperback book will be the same as the hardcover edition of Alice on Board.

ALWAYS ALICE will be released on August 27 of this year. This is the last and final book of the Alice series, and will be twice as long as the usual Alice books.  It will take Alice from age 18 to 60.  I believe it will answer ALL your questions about everybody.

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