Is it Possible to Find the Whole Alice Series in Indonesia?


Greetings from Indonesia. Sorry my bad english. I use google translate, you can translate back when I was a strange remark. I am huge fan of yours since The Agony of Alice published in my country in 2005. Since then I’ve herd all collections alice who last appeared in 2008 is up to Alice Including (but I still have not been able to find Alice the brave). Is it possible if serial alice published in the Indonesian language to the last episode? I still have
a thousand questions spinning in my head about the life of Alice. I really enjoy your writing even though you and I are separated by distance and  continents. I was so much to learn about how everyday life on the American teenager. In fact I want to one day visit to Maryland. Thank you accompany my days with the Alice series.

Phyllis replied:

Thank you so much for your email.  I think I understood it very well. I know that some countries bought only a certain number of the Alice books.  You would have to ask your Indonesian publisher to buy the rest of the books and publish them there in your country.  I would like to know more about the lives of Indonesian teenagers, and hope that some day you will be able to visit Maryland.

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