Which is Your Favorite Book?


你 好!!! That means hi!!! in Mandarin Chinese. Mrs. Naylor, I am so grateful toward the Alice series, I have learned so much through every single book I’ve read. Most of all, I’ve learned that during tough situations in life, you just have to push yourself to move forward. I started reading these books when I was around 8 years old. I’m currently eleven, and I’m from Hoboken, New Jersey. What I love about your books is Gwen. She is African American but Alice and the others treat her like anyone else. My parents were born in China, and I’ve gotten bullied because of it. Alice is my role model. She always acts on how others will feel, even if it doesn’t benefit her. And I am certain that 10 years from now, when I’ll hopefully be in college, I will do things the way Alice would when she was in college. My question: What’s your favorite Alice book? Or, which Alice book did you enjoy writing the most? Thank you so much Mrs. Naylor; you’ve put the light in my life.

Phyllis replied:

Asking me which Alice book is my favorite is like asking which of my sons I like best.  Each book is different and has special things about it that I like.  Some, like “Intensely Alice,” made me cry more than others when I was writing it; some like “Alice in April” or “Alice in Between” made me laugh aloud.  They are all just too different to try to guess, but I’m glad you love them so much.

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