Alice and Anne


Before really hitting my teen years, I felt like Anne Shirley of Anne of  Green Gables was me.  She was the imaginative, romantic writer that I longed to be, and I would well up if she shared a romantic moment with her love Gilbert or have a touching moment with her friend Diana.

I still love the Anne series with all my heart, but I feel so glad that Alice is here to be the literary spokesperson of my teenage years.  She has a tight friendship with Liz and Pamela like I do with my friends and she is realizing herself.  When she has self-realizations or questions, I totally relate to her and my heart is right where she is (It’s fitting Alice wants to be a psychologist, because that’s what she can feel like).  I understand her flaws and I love her for her triumphs.

I would have to say my favorite character, other than Alice, is Lester.  I feel like Lester is beside me, talking to me when he has moments with Alice.  When those moments do occur, I well up in a similar fashion as I do with the Anne series.  I love Alice’s family and wish they existed.

Thank  you for writing such a good series and giving me friends to share my teenage years with.  When I’m not with my real friends, I love hanging out with Pamela, Liz, Lester, Patrick and Alice.  Although I don’t agree with everything Alice does, I love seeing her grow up.

Phyllis replied:

I must admit that Lester is probably my favorite character too, next to Alice.  I had the most fun writing the dialogue between the two, whenever they had one of their famous discussions.  I’m so glad that this series meant a lot to you.

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