Change in Pub Date for Alice


I have had the final book pre-ordered on amazon for quite some time but recently noticed the release date has been pushed back to October?  Is this correct?  I’m 22 and I’ve been reading these since the 3rd grade.  I’ve grown up with Alice so I can’t help but feel a little disappointed for having to wait even longer.

Phyllis replied:

I share your frustration.  Yes, almost every Alice book to date has come out in the spring, but this time, because it’s twice as long and needed far more editing and checking and revising, the publisher decided to postpone the book to August 27th.  But recently, a glitch in the editing process and a change of cover design–meaning a new photo shoot–have unavoidably delayed publication.  It may reach your bookstore a little sooner, so it’s quite possible that those who have pre-ordered it will receive it earlier than October 15th.

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