Why Can’t We Talk About It?


I know u r getting a ton of messages about the new Alice book. Some great some mean. But I ❤ this series a whole lot :3). I am a 13 year old girl who is moving to Orlando, Florida in August. My mom is pregnant… Again. I have a 2 year old sis. And a 15 year old brother. And everyone is giving me and my family a hard time about moving. We aren’t even allowed to talk about it in front of my aunt. She is way to close to my sibs. It is very weird. How can I tell my aunt to shut up & face the music??? But kind of nicely. :/ l8r

Phyllis replied:

There is obviously a lot of emotion connected to this move, and if anyone needs to discuss it with your aunt, it’s one of your parents.  Holding feelings in, however, is both hard and harmful for everyone.  The more everyone can understand the why of things, and talk about what’s going to happen when you get there, the easier the move will be.

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