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I grew up reading the Alice books and continue to follow Alice now as an adult since her story is quickly approaching its final book.  Your books fostered a love of reading in me that remains a favorite pasttime over twenty years later!  I was wondering if the Alice books will ever be released in any sort of complete set.  I have copies of all of the Alice books that have been released to date, several of most books, but haven’t been able to find the complete series available in a consistent edition.  I would love to gift the entire Alice series to my young niece in a consistent edition if possible.

Also, could you please clarify the name of the final Alice book and total number of books, including prequels, planned for the series?  Last year, I read on your website that Always Alice would be the name of the final book, which would follow Alice on Board, but just recently saw that your website announces the release of Now I’ll Tell you Everything in October of this year.  Has the name of the final (28th) book been changed to Now I’ll Tell You Everything, or has this title been added to the lineup to preface Always Alice (as the 29th book)?

Thank you so much for such a dynamic, enduring coming-of-age series- it’s meant so much to so many!

Phyllis replied:

There are a total of 28 books in the series, counting the three prequels, and the title of the final book, the 28th, has been changed from “Always Alice” to “Now I’ll Tell You Everything.”  I know it’s confusing, because the title and cover were originally released to Amazon and other places, and now both have been changed, but we feel that it deserved a better cover and title. I do wish that all 28 books were offered in a complete series, but so far they are not.  They’ve come out in hardcover, in paperback with different covers for different editions, and in groups of books with distinct covers for that group. I’d love for all the books to be available as a series with a new set of covers, but right now, that’s not about to happen.

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