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Hi Phyllis,

I’ve never written you before and never met anyone with your name before!

I hope its okay to write you.  I’ve never written an author before.  I’ve read some of Incredibly Alice and liked it.  Some parts I wish there were more details, but maybe it is not written for people in their 20s?

I have read one of the very first Alice books a long time ago, back when I was in grade 5.  I did not know that you had continued on with the series, but I am glad you did 🙂

I have trouble finding books, good books to read.  I like to read books where I can relate to the characters.  The books for teens are too young for me, although i enjoy a few of them.  Sometimes, adults books are too old for me b/c the people are in their 40s and I’m not there yet.  Would you have any suggestions for me?  For books I mean.  

I like how you talk about a whole bunch of different things that girls go through .. well it seemed that way in the characters lives from Incredibly Alice… I’ll have to read it again as i had only read it briefly.  

I’d like to write more, but i dont know you…just from what is on the website.

Some people write you a lot of personal stuff on your website.  Do you mind?  I like that people are able to write to you though.

Phyllis replied:
I’m here to listen to whatever anyone wants to write me about.  As I’ve explained many times, I’m not a doctor or a psychiatrist–just an enlightened grandmother, so whatever you want to discuss is fine with me.  I have a lot of emails to answer tonight and it’s hard to think of a book that might fit your age range, because I never think much about that when I read a book–I’m drawn to good characters of any age.  So forgive me for sticking only to my own titles, but you would probably like “Intensely Alice,” “Blizzard’s Wake,” “Ice,” “Jade Green,” and “Send No Blessings.”  If your library doesn’t have them, ask them to get them for you on inter-library loan.

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