What’s the Pub Date?

Hello!  I am an adult Alice fan who started reading them way back in 1985 when we were both the same age.  Now I am anxiously awaiting the final Alice book, to complete my collection (and share with my daughters) but Amazon has pushed back the shipping date twice.  What’s going on?  Is it an Amazon issue or a publishing issue?  I’ll happily buy the book somewhere else if I can get it sooner.
Phyllis replied:
I know, I know.  Usually each  Alice book came out in the spring, but this one was so long and covers so much of Alice’s life that I needed extra time, so it became September 15.  Then the publisher decided to change both the title and the book jacket, and now, positively, the pub date is October 15.  I will be going on a book tour then, and perhaps I will be able to meet many of you.  Thanks for writing.

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