Is it wrong? I’m only ten.

I look on your website and see all the peoples coments of how they loved alice upsidedown well i wached the movie before i read the book and again absolutly loved it but then i read the book and i desided to wach the movie again and absolutly hated it i mean all the charectors were changed and the naked nomads were souposed to be when rosolind was still there. dont get this wrong phyllis i am not blaming you as i know its not your fault and as you explained many times it is only loosely based on the agony of alice.

i also have a queshtion  i am 10 years old and have read all the alice books (except now ill tell you everything of course ) and loved them. i see the labels on most of the high school books and see it says 14+  well i was wondering if you think it is wrong for me to read them  considering that i am only 10?
Phyllis replied:
What does your mom think?  Some girls are ready to read all the Alice books at ten years old, and some might find them shocking at twenty.  It all depends on the girl and her maturity.  Things that are romantic and sensual to people past puberty might seem icky to a ten year old.  If you’ve understood and enjoyed the books so far, I don’t see the harm in it.  In any case, I don’t consider it “wrong.”  As for the movie, this just goes to show how every movie should be viewed as it’s own special thing.  As soon as you compare it with the book, the differences show up.  I’m glad you saw the movie first and enjoyed it.  A lot of people did.

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