First I want to say that I absolutely love the Alice books and I have been a  fan for a long time. I got hooked back in fifth grade, when I read a copy of  The Agony of Alice. It really is the best series in the world. I’ve been  waiting eagerly for the last book to come out, but why has the title changed? I really liked the sound of Always Alice, because it sounded like no matter what happened, she would always be Alice, no matter what. Anyway, why did the title change? It’s obviously not that big of a deal, but I keep wondering why. I still cannot wait to get my paws on it though!
Phyllis replied:
I liked the old title too, but I think I like the new one even better.  Sales have been so good on the bind-up books, (“I Like Him, He Likes Her” and “It’s Not Like I Planned it this  Way,”) that the publisher felt the last book, especially because it’s for adults as much as young people, should have a title with more “edge” to it, and they changed the cover as well.  SO many things go into the making and marketing of a book.  Everyone gets a say–the editor, the copy-editor, the marketing people, the publicists, the salesmen–and we all simply want the best for each book.  Besides, haven’t I been promising that the final book would tell you EVERYTHING?

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