Coming To Canada?


I am 13 and have read your book “I like him he likes her” and loved it I am going to read the next one after that. In grade 6 my teacher read to the class “Jade green” I had no idea you wrote that until recently and I think that is so cool!!!!!!! P.s. I loved it!

I want to be a writer and I think you are such an inspiration! I love to read especially your books.

I was also wondering if you have ever been to ThunderBay Ontario? (in Canada) and if you are planing to come hear? For book stuff I know you probably haven’t and you probably won’t but it is worth asking!

Phyllis replied:

Oh, I wish I could be coming to Canada on my book tour, but I’m afraid that’s impossible this time.  I don’t think I’ve been to Thunder Bay, but I’ve been in Canada a number of times.  I’m glad you liked Jade Green.  It’s a scary book, but it was loads of fun to write.

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