So Sad To Read The Last Book


I’ve been reading the Alice books for years and truly felt like I grew up  with her.  Even though I’m a few years older (21, preparing to graduate college), I still enjoy the books so much and waiting for the final one is  bittersweet.  I’ve recently purchased all of the bind-up books to re-read and recommend to the children that I babysit and I was awed again by how well you are able to capture the essence of a girl in the most confusing and exciting part of her life.  Thank you so much for years of fantastic reading, I’m so sad but excited to read the last chapter in the Alice series.

Phyllis replied:

I know.  There’s a sadness for me too, but it’s time for Alice to grow up and be on her own.  And I know you’re at least a little bit curious to see how she lives her life, no?

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