Always Alice

I have read that the last alice book is “Always Alice”, but i have also seen where it is being called “Now ill tell you everything”. I am wondering if they are the same thing. I also wanted to know the release date. It has changed so many times and now i have no idea when it will be out. I have seen on where some people have already wrote reviews, but i am not sure if they received an advanced copy or what.

Phyllis replied:
Yes, they are the same book.  At the last minute, the publisher decided the book deserved a better title and better jacket, so there was a new photo shoot and the book is coming out October 15th under the title, “Now I’ll Tell You Everything.”  I’ll be going on a book tour in October, with the kick-off at the Takoma Park Library in Takoma Park, Maryland.  This will be the evening of October 15th, where I’ll be both speaking and signing.

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