Other Fiction Books?

I am now reading the book, “Alice in Charge”, I had started at the beginning with “Starting with Alice”.
Out of all the books I have read so far, i really liked the ones in the middle of the series…i found them the most interesting to read…i did miss one book “Dangerously Alice” so i have gone back and started to read that one.
I am excited for the final book which will come out soon!  Are you planning to write other books, other fiction books?
Do you write non-fiction?  Fiction is usually my favorite…
I like the covers on the latest books too.
Would you ever come back to the Alice series after you finish it and continue with it or not?
Im not a writer, sometimes poems..but i am a reader.
Phyllis replied:
I’ve written both fiction and nonfiction.  Actually, I’ve written over 140 books, a few of them for adults, and most of my books are fiction.  Go to Amazon.com to see the titles and read a bit about some of my other novels.  No, I would not come back to the Alice series after this last book is published.  I think you’ll find that it says everything I would want you to know about Alice.

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