Read the Whole Series?

I know that probably everyone says this to you but I will do it anyways. You are one of my favorite authors! I really do look up to you and Alice. I have read from “I like him, He likes her” to “Alice on Board”. I can’t wait to read the last one though it will be depressing for me because I don’t want the Alice series to end. Before I read it though, I’m wondering if I should start reading from the beginning up to “I like him, He likes her”. I’m thinking I should. I know that you have a page listing the books in order, but I have heard that there are prequels too. What are the prequels and should I read them first? Thanks so much for writing these books!
Phyllis replied:
If you go to the Alice blog and click on “books in order,” it should list all the books including the prequels, which are Starting with Alice, Alice in Blunderland, and Lovingly Alice.  If you are a totally 100 % dedicated Alice fan, you would probably enjoy the series most by starting at the very beginning, with “Starting with Alice,” when she is eight and Lester is fifteen, to see what they were like then and follow their family through two different moves.  You’ll see Alice growing and changing, and perhaps all the books will be more meaningful to you.  But I also hear from girls who read them in whatever order they can find them in the library, and they seem to enjoy them almost as much.

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