The first day I read Alice in Rapture book, I fell in love with it.
My mother and I were discussing the series last night. So many realistic fiction these days for girls are just about a happy go lucky child who never has anything go wrong for them. The Alice series is completely, truly, totally real.
It’s all real stuff that could actually happen. Last night, as I handed my mom Alice in Agony and told her she was going to love it.
I plan to read the full series. I’ve only been reading the series since April, so not far, and being able to get the books relies in birthday presents and my neighborhood library.
I have read the three prequels, and about six others. Thank you for these books! They make me feel like I live nextdoor to Alice and Elizabeth is across the street. When I read them, I live in Silver Spring, not Colorado. Patrick is talking to Alice right now, and however long I live, in my heart, Alice will always be there.
Phyllis replied:
I’m so glad you like the “realness” of the Alice series, because that’s the way life is, and Alice is no exception.  There’s a lot to be said for the old saying that “it’s not what happens to you that’s important, it’s how you deal with it.”  Which is not entirely true, because some people go through hideous calamities while another’s path is relatively smooth.  But I think that beneath everyone’s exterior are worries and hurts and fears that most people never see.  It’s always good to have friends you can talk to, or a good book that helps you know you’re not alone.  Thank you for your email; it means a lot.

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