Discussing Sex with my Daughter


My daughter has read all the Alice books (she is now 12), and I have read them right along with her, and I want to say thank you for writing them.
 But I especially want to thank you for having Alice tell Patrick how she wants him to touch her.  I hope that the girls who read these books use her as a model, as there isn’t a lot else out there that explicitly deals with this.  Also, you’ve given me a way to eventually talk to my daughter about sex, and why girls have sex with boys who don’t care if they enjoy it, and perhaps I can create a sense of entitlement in her to have good sex.
Phyllis replied:
Readers are going to be especially interested in the fact that you are a mom writing this email, and I so appreciate your taking time from your own life to write to me.  I too think this is an important topic, and have always felt that movies in particular show such a biased notion of sexual relations, almost entirely from the man’s point of view.  There is a more complete discussion of this topic in the final Alice book coming out in October, “Now I’ll Tell You Everything.”  I’m delighted to know that you and your daughter have such a close relationship, and can discuss things like this.

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