I am a huge fan of the Alice books and I actually write books myself.
I hope I can ask you for advice for friendship problems?!! If so then please email back ASAP!!!!
I have two best friends and whenever I see one of them for a play date or a sleepover they always talk about each other behind the other persons back.
I feel really awkward when that happens.
I normally just say yeah and I know how you feel but I just feel so wrong and mean.
What should I do?????
PS Alice is my idol and you write about her so well, I feel like she’s in the room with me whenever I read her books. She’s absolutely lovely and I’ve just started reading the Agony of Alice. I can’t put the books down!! 😉

Phyllis replied:
You might try, “If you’re willing to talk about other friends behind their backs, how do I know you won’t talk about me?  I’d rather not do this ever, and then you’ll know I’d never gossip about you.”

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