A Letter from My Past

I just read your short story “Like Ships in the Night” from the book A Triangle Has Four Sides and just wanted to compliment you for it. Being a high-schooler, I find it painfully honest. The saddest part is that the book was published in the 80’s and the high-school scene today is still the same. Everyone walks around with thick, thick masks on and that’s that, and I don’t think there’s a better way to describe it other than like ships in the night. Here’s to hoping those tragic characters give each other a second chance one day.

P.S. I remember reading your first Shiloh book (and seeing the movie somewhere) back in third-grade, I liked it.
Phyllis replied:
Wow!  I’ve not had a fan letter about that book for several decades, and I’m amazed that you found it and took time to write to me!  It’s interesting that you feel the high school scene is much the same today.  Feelings are the same no matter what the year, and I’m glad you found the stories honest.

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