Love Your Books!

How you write so amazingly I don’t know, how you capture me by the first line I don’t know, but what I do know is that you are an exceptional writer and you draw me in with your books with a click of your fingers. Every book is a new life of the same story, as Alice’s life goes on I feel I go along every journey. I haven’t been able to read all your books (which I will soon) but I am overjoyed that I came across your books. Your books are like no other, I have never felt bored reading your books because some get boring but yours aren’t at all! To me Alice is real, you have made her real and I only wish that I could meet her. You are awe inspiring and I don’t know how I could live without your books (literally). I really do hope you get this and are able to reply.
Hope you keep writing more amazing books!
Phyllis replied:
Well, I’m delighted to hear you are never bored, because the final book is over 500 pages long.
Thanks so much for writing to me.

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