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An Alice Encyclopedia?

I know you said you were going to tell us everything in the next book, but I’m so obsessed with Alice that I want to know more than everything. Like all the characters’ middle names, birthdays, favorite colors and that sort of thing. And it would be nice if there was more backstory for some of the characters other than Alice. JK Rowling is working on an encyclopedia for Harry Potter, so I was wondering if you were planning to do something similar. I’m really excited for October, but I’m also a little sad that the Alice series is ending.
Phyllis replied:

No encyclopedia, I’m afraid, but even better, an Alice “bible,” as the publisher calls it, listing every known thing about every character.  You will see what the editor, the copyeditor and I referred to all these years in writing and editing and checking each Alice manuscript to make sure we had it right.  You won’t even have to buy it.  My publisher is going to put it online so that everyone can read it.  You’ll be able to check out something you had forgotten, you’ll see a synopsis of each of the 28 books–every possible thing there is to know about Alice and her friends.  We’ll announce it when it’s up.

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